Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

This post is about little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB, find out why this Mercedes model is so popular. Well if it was real of course. So unlike my last post this post on Violet MSB will be optimised, not too much but enough to get myself to rank sky high in the car and automotive world. I’m going to write a few short paragraphs about Mercedes and other brands and their models, so that you could perhaps compare them with Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB.

First of all, why is it Violet? To be fair I don’t know, it’s just a really random colour that I have picked up from the long list of colours, I personally like Violet, even though you don’t really see a lot of Violet cars driving around.

Secondly, why Mercedes Benz? To be fair, Mercedes Benz is my favourite car of all, a like absolutely everything about it, the style, the design, the interior, and that special feel when you sit into Mercedes you know that you are sitting in a proper car.

Thirdly, MSB model, as most of you probably checked MSB model doesn’t really exist, this is something I actually made up because I have a very rich imagination. MSB might become the next model of Mercedes Benz, but who knows.

I truly hope that if model will actually be realised, they will have little violet version for it as well. So then it could be truly called the Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB. Then all the people will gladly come to my website to read this and many other exciting articles.

Little Pink Mercedes Benz KMM

Dear all, this is my non optimised post about a very little car, which name is Mercedes Benz, and the model itself is KMM. Have you have head about this this model? Neither have I. That’s why I thought it would be great to mention that. So further down this post you won’t see any mentions of the car, model, colour and size mentioned above, so please keep that in mind.

Just to make this post a little bit more relevant to the the overall car models, let’s just mention Peugeot, Audi, BMW, Citroen, and Subaru. Those are some really great cars. Did you know that Peugeot and Renault is actually a French car? The engine size of those models can vary a lot. The type of tyres they are using is also different.

At the moment I have 144 words in this post, so I guess I nee to write a little bit more. Just for your information Mercedes Benz is actually a German based manufacturer (now who could have thought so?) their main division is located in Germany and Called Daimler AG. Those guys have stock as well, so you might want to check that out. Mercedes is usually quite well known for it’s luxury cars, although as an overall rule it’s considered a car for middle class income people.

As you probably understand the KMM version doesn’t really exist. But who knows, maybe one day this will become of of the most recognised models on the planet. So stay tuned for more information on the little pink MB.

Why have I decided to buy a Travall Dog Guard

There are so many car accessories out there; it’s sometime hard to decide which ones are really worth the investment. Over the years, I’ve fitted many in my car – some great, some completely useless. However, since I became a dog owner, there’s one accessory which has really caught my eye. The Dog guard from Travall is one I’m seriously considering buying.

Now, it may be more expensive than any of the universal style guard on the market, but I guess that’s because they use better quality materials. Plus the fact that each one is made only for a specific vehicle. So they’re custom-made, if you like. To be honest, they also look a lot stronger than the one-size-fits all variety of dog guard.

My main reason for considering buying one is that my dog, Stella, is very friendly. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, when I put her in the back of my car, I expect her to stay there. Optimistic, I know. She’s always jumping into the front seat, which is not great when I’m trying to concentrate on my driving. It’s even worse when we’ve been out for a walk and her muddy paw prints get on the car’s seats. They’re far from pristine, but it’s still a pain having to clean them every time we come back from an excursion.

As I understand it, the Travall Dog guard can also play a part in road safety, by stopping loose cargo hitting the driver and passengers if they’re involved in a collision. When I think of all the gear I have to carry in my car, there’s a lot of it I really wouldn’t like hitting me in the back of the head.

I’m far from being a DIY expert, so another advantage of the Travall Guard is that it looks so easy to fit, with no drilling or anything like that. They say it can be installed in around ten minutes, but given my practical skills, I think I’ll be looking at nearer twenty.

So, rather than another set of fluffy dice, yet another set of novelty car mats or another useless cup holder, I could actually see how fitting their dog guard could be a really useful car accessory. I think Stella will like it too.

Mercedes Hybrid Drives 1,223 Miles on a Single Tank

Mercedes Benz Hybrid  E-ClassA new Mercedes Benz-E Class E300 BlueTec Hybrid drives from Africa to the UK on a single tank of fuel without making any stop for refuelling. British journalis Andew Frankel was lucky enough to drive the Mercedes Benz from Africa to UK.

The challenging journey started in Tangier city which is located in northern Africa. The journey took 27 hours to complete. Along the way Andrew crossed 2 continents, 4 countries and 3 time zones. before arriving at Goodwood in UK for the Festival of Speed 2014.

Mercedes Benz Hybrid trip to UK from AfricaThis Mercedes Benz E300 Bluetec Hybrid has a 2.2 litre turbodiseel engine with a 27hp electric motor. The combinations of two allows the vehicle to be quite rapid as well as being impressively high  0 to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds. The top speed for this vehicle is 150mph. The total distance of 1,223 miles was covered at an average speed of 73.6  miles per hour, which is quite high for a hybrid vehicle on a long distance.


Mercedes Benz HybridFurthermore, Andre arrived at Goodwood with a 100 miles extra capacity showing on this trip computer. So he could have easily covered 1,323. All of this is despite heavy rain, intense heat, traffic jams and dramatic hills along the route.

If you would like to find out some cool car accessories for Mercereds-Benz, make sure you visit You will find plenty of great accessories there.

Hope you have enjoyed reading though my article, please come back soon for more interesting news materials.

Michael Schumacher Out of Coma – Updates

Michael Schumacher out of comaLast week Michael Schumacher has finally recovered from his 6-months coma and has already been successfully transferred to rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland from Grenoble Hospital’s intensive care unit in France. For quiet a long time all experts thought that Michael didn’t really have a lot of chances to recover, but he did. During the 120 miles trip from France to Switzerland Michael has kept his eyes open most of the time, which according to doctors is a very good sign. However he didn’t talk for all that trip.

Michael Schumacher with his wifeSchumacher, who spent 170 days in the Grenoble hospital, will be under constant medical supervision from now on. His recovery from coma though was hailed the world over. That he was awake during his transfer to a Swiss hospital is being seen as another positive sign although reports suggest he has lost considerable body weight. Some experts believe that Michael will remain an invalid for the rest of his life now, as it is physically impossible to recover from half a year come without any major consequences.

Meanwhile, his wife Corinna is in danger of making herself ill as she worries and cares for her stricken husband and does not rest herself, according to a psychologist. Corina spent almost all her time near Michael’s bed and was stressing a lot, which might cause a lot of mental illnesses now. So she has been advised to have a rest.

We hope that from now on everything will be fine for Michael and his family.

UK Car Manufacturing Increased by 21.3%

uk car manufacturig increasedUK Car manufacturing has significantly increased in April 2014 with a number of cars made across the up by more than 1/5. A total number of 133,437 cars were built across the United Kingdom factories in last month. This stands for a 21.3 increase in compare with the same month last year. This also stands for the biggest month increase since July 2012, according to

As stated by Mike Hawes  the CEO of SMMT – UK factories were beginning to feel the benefit of new models rolling of the production line as well as recovering demand in Europe. This is most likely caused by an increase of car sales across UK as well. We have pointed this out in one of our previous articles. You will be able to find it somewhere around the blog.

“The thriving nature of the UK car manufacturing industry was evident in April as output grew at its highest rate for almost two years. New model introductions are fuelling growth, while Europe – which currently accounts for around half of exports – is now seeing an upturn in demand.

“As investments continue to be realised, we expect further rises in the coming months; good news for the thousands of suppliers and employees across the country that rely on this industry.”

The increase of car manufacturing and car sales has also resulted in an increase of car accessories sold across the UK. You can find a variety of car accessories for UK market on this website.

It’s interesting that almost 80% of the cars made in UK last month were actually build for export. It has also been pointed out that the first four months of 2014, British factories built 538,240 cars, a 6.9% increase compared with the same period last year.

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Fastest Pothole Fix in London

fastest pothole fix in London It’s not a secret that every day more than half a million car enter central London. That makes any repair works quite difficult, especially when you need to shut down the whole road which makes drivers really angry and annoyed. However potholes tend to annoy drivers just as much, that is why a fast pothole Fix is a must in central London.  Here is a great video from Telegraph that shows that a pothole can be fixed in just under 3 minutes, without any loose of quality.

The full video can be found here.

victoria street pothole fixThe reporters from Telegraph spotted two community officers stop traffic on the busy street near Victoria Station on Friday to give the workmen a brief window to carry out a repair. The whole work has finished in just under 240 seconds and afterwards the traffic was set free again.

It has been stated that Westminster City Council put the fast work down to a new thermal road repair machine. The machine is able to heat up the tarmac in no time. However, a council spokesman confessed, when contacted by the Telegraph, that “even with our new technology in place, fixing a pothole in under five minutes might even be a record for the authority.”

Top 5 Best SUVs and 4×4 Vehicles

Let’s look at the top 5 top and best SUV’s and 4×4 cars in UK. In this article we will look at the best Sport Utility vehicles that are considered as the most reliable from customers. So if you are looking forward to buy an SUV or any other 4×4 please take a few moments to read through this article.

Audi Q3 best SUV1. Audi Q3
According to reliability index, Audi Q3 MkI is the most reliable SUV from all, with a total index of 96.83. This is a dependable choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable vehicle and an SUV to drive.  It certainly beats it main rival the BMW X1, which unfortunately didn’t make it in the top-10 list for reliability – and that will be an important factor for those looking to buy one of these premium SUV’s. The price for this Audi Q3  models starts at £23,875, which is quite average for the rest of our cars as well.

Peugeot 2008 best SUV 2. Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 2008 got a 96.47 reliability index from owners. This is a new Peugot model, so the truth behind it’s being a good vehicle or not is still yet to come. Anyway, it’s a very desirable car and is a great choice if you are a Peugeot fan. The price for this SUV starts at £12,995.


skoda yeti 4x43. Skoda Yeti
Skoda Yeti is yet another popular and reliable SUV that ranks on position 3 on our list. It has also been listed as one of the top 150 cars for three years straight. The Yeti came in 8th place out of all the cars on sale for reliably, making it the third-best SUV. The price for this models starts at only £16,310.00.


Renault Captur best SUV4. Renault Captur
Another French brand on our top 5 list, this time it’s Renault Captur. This is a new crossover which is beased on the previois Clo model with far better look, and driver friendly interior. This is fairly a new model so we can’t really say if it will be reliable on long-term scale. The pricing for this model starts at £14,195.


honda crv - best SUV5. Honda CR-V Mk3
Closing our top 5 best SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles is the ultimate Honda CR-V Mk3 model, that gained a 94.83 reliability score in 2014.  Honda has a strong reputation for reliability and the CR-V making this list will be no surprise to many.  The price for this model starts at £22,000.

If you own one of this cars or planing to buy one, you might want to consider to buy some interior accessories, I would advice you to get some from website, which specialises in high quality in-car accessories. Anyway, hope to see you soon, please come back later this week to find some more great articles.

Alan Mulally Steps Down as Ford CEO – Mark Fields Takes His Place


Mark Fields – New CEO of Ford

Ford has stressed the heir chief executive officer Alan Mulally will retire in July 2014. His place will take Mark Fields 53 who worked in Ford since 1989. Alan Mulally is know as a person who literally saved Ford during the depths on crisis back in 2008-2009. It has been pointed that after retirement Mr Mulally will not retain a place as one of the board members.

In a statement from Ford, the company said that Mr Mulally, 68, will be remembered for engineering “one of the most successful business turnarounds in history”. Chairman Bill Ford has also added that Mr Mulally had been a “hall of fame” chief executive. Which means that he will always be remembered for all the effort he has put into Ford. Mr. Ford also stated:


Alan Mulally – retires in July 2014

“He took on the hardest job at the company,” said Mr Ford, noting that as a young leader there were some who thought he would not be up for the task.

Whilst remaining under the leadership of Mr. Mulally, Ford has shown a significant profit for almost 5 consecutive years. It looks like Mr. Mark Fields, will have a really nice role model to look at whilst being the new Ford CEO. I can easily say that all the board members as well as rest of employees of Ford will expect quite a lot now from a new CEO, as the standards of performance are now higher than ever.

One of fhe first challenges for Mr Fields as the new CEO of Ford is the roll-out of the Ford F150 pick-up truck, the firm’s best-selling vehicle. So I guess if it’s a best selling vehicles Mark Fields shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Please come back soon for more information on Ford and their development.

What Are the Top Selling Dog Guards in UK

Car AccessoriesWelcome to my last post in April 2014. This time I will be talking about the top selling dog guards in United Kingdom. I will go through all the most popular model specific dog guards. So if you are looking for popular dog guards this is the right post for you to read. Alternatively, if you are looking for a place to buy dog guards, check out So here goes:

ford dog guard1. Ford dog guard
pet barriers for Ford tend to be the most popular in UK. Among all else thousands of those are sold every single month. This is not really a surprise as Ford is the top selling model in UK for several years straight now.

land rover dog guard2. Land Rover dog guard
Land Rover is a British manufacturer brand fro Jaguar Land Rover, this company specialises in producing SUV’s and 4WD vehicles. As you can imagine SUV’s are generally quite poppular for transporting stuff and getting involved into adventures, that is why dog guard is almost a must for any Land Rover.

vw dog guard3. Volkswagen dog guard
VW guards rank third for dog guards bought in UK. Volkswagen produce a lot of cars with a spacey boot, a perfect place to travel with your dog. That’s why a lot of VW owners want to keep their dog safe.

bmw dog guard4. BMW dog guard
Despite the opinion that BMW drivers tend to be more agressive then others and care less about safety – BMW owners rank 4th on our list. So when it comes to protecting a pet, BMW owners can’t care more.

Audi dog guard5. Audi dog guard
Another German representative on our top 5 list is Audi. Audi drivers are into fancy and comfortable drive, they want to have everything under their control, even their boot space. That’s why a lot of Audi driver buy a dog guard.

I hope you have enjoyed reading though my top 5 selling dog guards in UK. Please come back soon for more news and exciting information.