Do I need a Bumper Protector?

Bumper Protector

Example of bumper protector from Travall

Bumper Protectors can become an essential part of you car accessories. Bumper Protectors will help you to avoid unnecessary scratches, marred or dented in outside and inside parking. And sometimes it is not even about parking, as you might have a smallish accident on the road as well. So bumper protectors are designed to avoid any kind of surface damage.

Bumper Protectors aka Bumper Guards are widely used all over the world, especially in United Kingdom and US. Choosing the right can can be tricky, so I will help you to consider some bits before going and buying one.

1. Make sure you choose a vehicle specific bumper guard, as not all of them are actually unique and fit any cars at all.

2. Quality is the key – your new bumper protector needs to have an average to high quality criteria. Those with high quality are usually made of ABS plastic. If you go for a cheap one, there is a chance that your surface will get damaged even with a bumper protector on on it.

3. Road noise – you definitely don’t want to hear any kind of noise whilst travailing. Make sure your bumper guard doesn’t create any extra road noise.

4. DIY – keep in mind that an easy “do it yourself” fitment is a must for a bumper protector, as you don’t want it to fall of right on the next corner.

Hopefully, this small guide helped you to decide whether you need a bumper protector or not.  Please come back soon for more car accessories related articles and materials.


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