Car Accessories Presents for Christmas – Part 2

This is the second part of Car Accessories Presents for Christmas. If you haven’t read our first part you can find it here.

Mechanix glove for ChristmasMechanic Wear Fabricator Glove
For fabricators or anyone else who needs a tough leather glove, the Mechanix Wear Fabricator Glove is top notch. 100% Genuine Leather construction gives it durability that will last for years and it only gets better with age. Mechanic glove is a perfect present for Christmas for anyone who prefers a DIY method.

Car magazine subscriptionAutomotive magazine subscription
There are lots of magazines to considers, but the top Car related magazines are: Car Mechanics,  BBC Top Gear, What Car? Classic and Sports Car. So any of those will make a great Christmas Present.

mobiel phone holder for christmasMobile phone holder/charger
With strict laws preventing you holding your phone while driving, it’s more important than ever to have a good mount for your phone. Suction cup models are a little obvious, but good for rental cars. Phone holders that clip onto your air vents are a good alternative – though they can prevent good air flow.

car cd playerThe humble CD player
Sometime in the late 1990’s these became standard equipment for most cars. However some smaller and cheaper models weren’t so lucky. Worth noting, even if your car has one, it may not be compatible with MP3 CDs, which is a must as this allows you to fit around 5 regular albums on the one disc. Better still, most new models even allow you to connect your portable music player directly.

car dash camera for xmasDash Camera
Dash camera would make a great Christmas present for anyone who likes to record their car journey. It is always the best way to record any uncommon moment and then share it with your friends.

Fancy Gear Knob for ChristmasGear Knob
Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Gear Knob will help to personalize the the car a bit more in a small and fancy way.

Those were our top Car Accessories presents for Christmas, we hope that you have enjoyed reading through our ideas they will help you to come up with a great Christmas gift.


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