New Nissan NV200 Taxi Cab in London

Nissan NV200 Taxi CabNew Nissan Taxi Cab Had been revealed in London. The new Nissan Taxi Cab is expected to become a replacement for the famous London black cab.  It is expected that the new Taxi Cab will be on road from the end of the year 2014. So we still have a long road to go before seeing those cars on London roads.

The Nissan Taxi for London is based on a van, called the NV200, it was originally presented in August 2012. Nissan officials state that this car was created “to better reflect the iconic nature of the traditional black cab.”

Crucially, the Taxi for London has a 25-foot turning circle, thus adhering to TfL regulations for Hackney Carriages. It is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine, connected to an automatic gearbox. A zero emission electric version is due to be launched in 2015.

Classic London Taxi CabIt was important for Nissan to keep the overall design simple and recognizable, so that people couldn’t easily recognise a taxi cab.

The Taxi for London is one of several such vehicles bring launched around the world. The program also includes versions for New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. Each has sliding rear doors and can carry five passengers, in addition to the driver. The New Nissan NV200 Taxi Cab in London will appear in November-December 2014.

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