Cars at Risk from Computer Hackers

Cars at Risk from Computer HackersHow safe is your car? Well if you are using any modern computers in your car accessories than it probably is not as save as you would imagine, as those kind of Cars are at high risk from Computer Hackers. This warning was pointed out at the 2013 Consumer Entertainment Show by Harman company.

Almost every modern car has a set of electronic control units, those units not only control the information displays but also operate such crucial car parts as engine, brakes, transmission and so on. If a potential hacker can hack into the Electronic Control Units, he can then manipulate with any physical or electronic devices of your car.

A car like a BMW 3 Series has around 35 Electronic Control Units, according to Harman, the company, which develops connectivity services for many manufacturers. With a high-end model like the 7 Series, the number of ECUs can be as high as 140.

is your car protected from hackers“It is already a serious problem, the infrastructure of many cars was not designed with networking in mind. Now that they are connected to the internet their level of exposure is very different. A cyber attacker can take control of critical vehicle functions, and unless we can make them secure the increasing levels of connectivity are going to make it worse.” says Harman’s president of infotainment, Sachin Lawande.

Harman company are in the process of developing a special type of a software barrier  that will not prevent hackers from accessing in-car connectivity features but will stop them from being able to attack the important Electronic Control Units. You may lose your internet, navigation or audio, but not the car’s operating and safety systems, which will potentially save your life.

It is expected to see that kind of technology in place in a few years time – 2016-2017.

Plse come back soon for more updates of various car accessories and car news.


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