Top 10 Cars at Detroit Auto Show 2014

This post has the top 10 cars from Detroit Auto Show 2014. The Detroit auto show has now been opened for journalists, that is why I have decided to post the top 10 cars at this massive auto show in Detroit. The cars are this list are considered the ones that will get the most interest from general public at the event. It is interesting to point out that some of those cars have already been covered in one of our previous posts about the most expected cars in 2014.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Toyota FT-1Toyota FT-1
he FT stands for Future Toyota, and with a high tech look like that there is no doubt that it will soon become one of the most popular and top selling cars. This is a brand new model for Toyota and let’s just say that it’s pretty amazing!

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Infiniti Q50 Eau RougeInfiniti Q50 Eau Rouge
The brand new Infiniti model looks better than ever before. The president of the company said that it would be pushing more than 500 horses. It is important to notice that this model has nothing to do with the Q50 sedan that the concept is based upon

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Nothing says “Pull me over” like this Z06, the race-track-ready version of the recently released Corvette Stingray. This car will become the perfect rival for Ferrari manufacturers. This Chevrolet sports car has 625 horsepower. Know who on earth can beat that?

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Lexus RC-FLexus RC-F
Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager Jeff Bracken reveals the new Lexus RC F Coupe at the auto show. The RC F coupe is based on the RC coupe unveiled in November at the Tokyo Motor Show, but it’s produced for high performance.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Mercedes-Benz S-ClassMercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes is another true beauity at the Detroit Auto Show 2014. S-Class will get some of the C-Class most high-tech features like active collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and a cabin perfuming system. Yes, your S-Class may not be an C-Class, but at the very least it can smell like one. So if you are a fan of C-Class the S-class will suite you even more.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Cadillac ATS CoupeCadillac ATS Coupe
“The 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe is a natural step in the brand’s progression, and another distinctive, fun-to-drive and technologically advanced product for a new generation of drivers extending our target groups,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Global Cadillac chief marketing officer.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Chrysler 200Chrysler 200
Now if you are a true fan of Chrysler than you can’t miss on a chance to take a look at this beauty. What’s New About This Model? The 2015 Chrysler 200 is an all-new midsize sedan. The new 200 carries the same name and is about the same size as the Chrysler’s current 200, but those are about the only things that are the same.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - BMW M235i

BMW M235i
Now this is quite a long model name for BMW isn’t it? It should be mentioned the new 2-Series is 72mm longer, 32mm wider and has a 30mm longer wheelbase than the now defunct 1-Series Coupe. The 2014 BMW M235i will arrive at dealerships in the following months. So stay tuned for updates.

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Volvo XC Coupe Volvo XC Coupe
The Volvo XC Coupe arrived just in time too, as Volvo sales are stumbling both here and abroad, and there remain concerns regarding Geely’s ownership. Now I though it would be great to include this Volvo Volvo model as they have done a really great job on it, despite the fact that I’m not a real Volvo fan 🙂

Detroit Auto Show 2014 - Corvette StingrayCorvette Stingray
General Motors rolled out a new version of the Corvette Stingray, called the Z06, with a staggering 625 horsepower supercharged V8 engine. Now this baby here looks pretty much similar like the Chevrolet Corvette but has a absolutely different performance parameters.

Thank you for reading my article on Top 10 Cars at Detroit Auto Show 2014, fee free to leave any of your comments and replies.


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