New Volkswagen TV Commercial

If you still haven’t seen the New Volkswagen TV Commercial here is the video for you. The video itself is somehow related to Super Bowl XLVIII in US.  But to be fair I didn’t find any relation whatsoever except the 2.2.14 numbers at the end, which are supposed to represent to date of the match between Denver Broncos and Seattle. Basically, Volkswagen have decided to make a perfect commercial by putting everything that tends to be popular on the internet and put it all in one video. So you have all your favourite stuff there – babies, puppies, muscle flexing, hot girls, people getting heart and all that sort of stuff. It’s not bad as you can possibly imagine and still is fun to watch.

So what do you think about this New Volkswagen TV Commercial, did you like it or not? To be fair I’m having mixed feelings about that. Hope someone will launch a great commercial for UK market soon…


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