UK Ford Workers Prepare for Strike

Ford workers on strikeUK Ford Workers Prepare for Strike – more than 5k workers from Bridgend , Halewood and Dagenham are preparing for strike as Ford forecasts to loose around £600,000,000 in sales. Now more than 5,00 Ford company employees are about to be balloted for a strike over job pensions and security.

Thousand of employees from different UK regions are about to make a vote in the up coming weeks on whether to launch a strike campaign against Ford or not. Know this might to become one of the biggest work strike for the past few months in UK. The representatives point that workers are demanding the same job security as counterparts in other European countries.  They also want to see an improvement in their pension scheme.

ford workers set for strikeIn 2012, Ford announced it was ending Transit production at its plant in Southampton and closing its stamping and tooling facility in Dagenham with the loss of 1,500 jobs.  Earlier Fords representative said that:
“The company has a long-established practice of negotiating the pay, conditions and working practices of employees with its partner unions in the UK.”

Please stay tuned for more information on Ford Workers for Strike. I will definitely post something new if it will be worth mentioning.

You can find out more information on this event in guardian:


One comment on “UK Ford Workers Prepare for Strike

  1. “more than 5k workers from Bridgend , Halewood and Dagenham are preparing for strike” now that is really a shame to hear. As of 31 Jan some hadn’t even received ballot papers, let alone voted to strike. The couple I spoke to said their final salary pension scheme was excellent and job security is based on competitiveness not industrial disruption.
    I realise a blog is just a personal opinion but it is interesting that I found similar articles on the news website that point out exactly the same thing. Thank you for your post, great work on that.

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