Best and Worst Drivers in UK

Best and Worst Drivers in UK Have you ever wondered who are the best & worst drivers in United Kingdom? Here is some great statistical information for you on UK drivers in 2012 (the latest that I could get). The statistic shows that Smethwick has the highest ration of banns across UK, making it 0.77% of total 20,914 drivers in this city, meaning 160 were banned.

Best Drivers in UK

Harpenden in Hertfordshire has the best drivers in UK. Out of the 23,347 auto owners there, only 19 picked up a ban in 2012 – which only stands for 0.08% Harpenden was closely followed by Rayleigh in Essex, which had 20 out of 22,606 drivers banned back in 2012 ( stands for 0.09%). Our capital (London) has gained highest total of drivers banned in 2012, at 9,336. However, with almost 2,497,931 drivers holding licences in the London, the percentage figure is only 0.37% which is quite small.

Worst Drivers in UK

Location No. of licence holders No. banned in 2012 % banned in 2012
Smethwick 20,914 160 0.77%
West Bromwich 26,101 191 0.73%
Barking 22,591 164 0.73%
Nelson 23,942 162 0.68%
Bradford 166,171 1084 0.65%
Tipton 20,736 131 0.63%
Merthyr Tydfil 26,153 163 0.62%
Peterhead 21,872 131 0.60%
Wishaw 21,769 130 0.60%
Dagenham 51,576 308 0.60%

This map here will give you an idea about where those good and bad drivers are located:
Best and Worst Drivers in UK - UK MAP

Please come back soon for some more information on different auto news and car accessories topics!


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