Mercedes 2014 S-class Coupe Revealed

S-Class Coupe Mercedes 2014Mercedes has revealed their brand new 2014 S-Class Coupe model. This new model is packed with a high end technologies such as the ability to lean into bends which is quite amazing and unique not just for Mercedes but for any car. Just like the S-Class Salon this model uses a system called Magic Body Control, which basically reads the road and improves ride comfort.
The external overview of the car is quite simply to concept car showed back in 2013 at Frankfurt Motor Show. However the internal design is a totally different thing. The design is what most people would call – quite aggressive and has a sporting appearance. Here is what Gorden Wagener the vice president of Daimler group has to say about the new S-Class Coupe model:

S-Class Coupe interrior“Our new S-Class Coupé is one of the most gorgeous coupés of all times, representing the most radical aesthetic departure from its predecessor.”

This might also be one of the first cars where what’s under the bonnet is not as interesting as what sits at the end of it: a full LED lighting system complemented by 47 Swarovski crystals (17 for the daytime running lights and 30 for the indicators). There are more LEDs at the back of the car, arranged in two rows across the broad rear panels.

S-Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz 2014The new S-Class Coupe will also feature a heads up display that shows important information on the windscreen – know isn’t that the car of the future? This car will be visible to general public on Geneva Motor Autoshow, which will take place on March 4th 2014. Don’t miss the chance to see all the coolest picture from that show on my blog! So please come back soon for more updates.


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