How do you call a thing that goes in the back of your car?

dog guardLately on the internet I found a lot of questions like how is the device called that goes in the back of your car, or how is the device called that separates the boot of your car. Or even how do you call a device that keeps your dog or pet safe in the boot of your car.

It’s quite an interesting topic because generally speaking this device is called a dog guard, but many people call it differently depending on their associations and country of residents.  So here is the full list of how people generally call the same kind of device.  Here is a list for your for most common names for a device that separates the boot of your car from the rest of the car:

dog guardDog Guard – Dog guard is a term mostly used in UK. Possible variations of this keyphrases are: pet guard and dog guards. Dog guard is a device that will keep you pet safe and secure in the boot of your car. You can find more information about this device variety at our dog guards page.

Pet Barrier – Pet barrier is term mostly used in USA. Possible variations of this keyphrase is dog barrier. Pet barrier has the same kind of purpose as dog guard.

dog guard with a dogCargo barrier – Now this is an interesting term because it looks pretty much like the the standard dog guard but has a different purpose. It is designed to keep your cargo in the boot. And usually is much more solid peace of equipment. Generally speaking a cargo barrier (wiki link) can be used for dogs, pets and animals, but dog guards and pet barriers are not designed to hold your cargo in place, especially during an accident.

So hopefully this will help you a  little bit more with your research. If you are looking for a really high quality dog guard you will find a wide range of vehicle specific ones at Travall. Thank you for reading this article, please don’t forget to leave your comments. 🙂


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