EU Car Sales Increased by 5.5% in January 2014

car accessoriesAccording to ACEA data (The Association of European Car makers) state that car sales increased by 5.5% to 935,640 vehicles, from January 2013. It was the fifth consecutive month of growth, which have been supported by big discounting by manufacturers.

Car sales in Greece increased by 15.4%, Portugal increased by 31.8%, and even Ireland rose by 32.8%. This shows a great sign of economic recovery in EU countries. All the major EU markets posted growth, with the UK and Spain up 7.6%, Germany up 7.2%, Italy up 3.2%, and France edging ahead 0.5%.

Here is the quote from the official document:

In January 2014, demand for new passenger cars in the EU increased for the fifth consecutive
month, with a rise of 5.5% in registrations. However, in absolute figures, the total of 935,640
units registered marked the second lowest result to date for a month of January since ACEA began the series in 2003 with the enlarged EU
In January 2014, most EU markets posted growth, as did all the major ones, from +7.6% in the
UK and Spain, to +7.2% in Germany, +3.2% in Italy and +0.5% in France.UK

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