Mercedes Benz to Acquire Aston Martin

mercedes benz and ason martinRumour has it that one of the prestige car manufacturers Mercedes Benz is planning to Acquire Aston Martin, this would increase Mercedes stake in UK brand by a total of 5%.  With Mercedes technical expertises wide experience, Mercedes can add new successful models to Aston Martin line up.   It is not a top secret that Mercedes-Benz has been playing around with an idea of creating a premium SUV after presenting their Lagonda concept back in 2009 at Geneva Auto Show.

Dieter ZetscheIt is predicted that the potential future between two car manufacturers can go further beyond just one model. The merging will potentially bring new exciting models that will suite the needs for British customers. Here is an interesting quote from Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche that hasn’t really quelled the acquisition rumour. “Aston Martin is a fantastic brand, and we are willing to support its further development.”

This statement doesn’t really explain anything as you can tell, but it certainly doesn’t destroy the fact that the acquisition is a very likely event.

Mercedes Benz rivals are buying brands for themselves for ages now, for example BWM owns Rolls-Royce, and Volkswagen has Bentley. So it’s not a surprise that a big brand like Mercedes have decided to acquire another popular brand to keep it up with the competitors.

Please come back soon for more information on Mercedes, Aston Martin and other auto manufacturers and car accessories.


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