Electric Cars Have to Make More Noise

electric cars will have to make more noiseAccording to the new legislation of European Parliament all electric cars have to generate more noise in order to become safer for all pedestrians, this particularity applies to cars with a low visual recognition.

MEPs commission has agreed that in the nearest future all electric vehicles must be fitted with special devices to make them “sound similar” to cars with combustion engines. This will help pedestrians to recognise a similar car sound and avoid potential road accident. This move has been welcomed and approved by most campaigners.

It’s interesting that MEPs have also voted on a special act to increase the noise emission standard. Which means that all cars, vans, buses and lories will actually have to generate less sound for noise reduction “pollution” purposes.

sound pollutionThis law is currently on the finalisation stage and is about to be stamped by the European Council. Under the revised rules, new models of electric and hybrid vehicles will have to make a noise by 2019 and all new electric and hybrid cars must be audible by 2021.

This particular legislation has been welcomed by the UK charity Guide Dogs for the Blind – which campaigned for the change. It’s not a secret that blind people rely on sounds more than anyone else.

However, with the number of quiet cars increasing all the time, it said the 2021 deadline was too late and this legislation should take place sooner.

Please come back soon for more news on electric cars and different type of vehicles and car accessories. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article on the electric cars that have to make more noise.


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