Michael Schumacher Out Of Coma – Latest News

Michael Schumacher out of ComaAccording to news all over the Europe – Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma and already recognises his beloved wife. Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma and recognised his wife, according to reports that are now widely spreading all over the internet.

Broadcaster RT states that Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kem has told local television channel that one of the top racers in the world history was in a complicated process of recovery, Michael was alternating between states of consciousness and sleep as he wakes up from the induced coma. The signs of consciousness are now occurring more frequently. Michael was already able to wake up and even recognised his wife before falling back to sleep.

Kem also said she could not elaborate further for fear of breaching Michael’s privacy, leaving further comment to the hospital where he is currently being cared.

As we all remember Schumacher has been taken to hospital on December 29th after suffering a head injury in a ski accident in the Alps, whilst riding off-piste.  Michael has been in coma for almost 4 months – 95 days to be more exact. Please come back soon next week to find more information about Michael’s status and more updates about his coma information.


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