UK Car Manufacturing Increased by 21.3%

uk car manufacturig increasedUK Car manufacturing has significantly increased in April 2014 with a number of cars made across the up by more than 1/5. A total number of 133,437 cars were built across the United Kingdom factories in last month. This stands for a 21.3 increase in compare with the same month last year. This also stands for the biggest month increase since July 2012, according to

As stated by Mike Hawes  the CEO of SMMT – UK factories were beginning to feel the benefit of new models rolling of the production line as well as recovering demand in Europe. This is most likely caused by an increase of car sales across UK as well. We have pointed this out in one of our previous articles. You will be able to find it somewhere around the blog.

“The thriving nature of the UK car manufacturing industry was evident in April as output grew at its highest rate for almost two years. New model introductions are fuelling growth, while Europe – which currently accounts for around half of exports – is now seeing an upturn in demand.

“As investments continue to be realised, we expect further rises in the coming months; good news for the thousands of suppliers and employees across the country that rely on this industry.”

The increase of car manufacturing and car sales has also resulted in an increase of car accessories sold across the UK. You can find a variety of car accessories for UK market on this website.

It’s interesting that almost 80% of the cars made in UK last month were actually build for export. It has also been pointed out that the first four months of 2014, British factories built 538,240 cars, a 6.9% increase compared with the same period last year.

Please come back soon for more exciting news on different car brands and manufacturers.


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