Why have I decided to buy a Travall Dog Guard

There are so many car accessories out there; it’s sometime hard to decide which ones are really worth the investment. Over the years, I’ve fitted many in my car – some great, some completely useless. However, since I became a dog owner, there’s one accessory which has really caught my eye. The Dog guard from Travall is one I’m seriously considering buying.

Now, it may be more expensive than any of the universal style guard on the market, but I guess that’s because they use better quality materials. Plus the fact that each one is made only for a specific vehicle. So they’re custom-made, if you like. To be honest, they also look a lot stronger than the one-size-fits all variety of dog guard.

My main reason for considering buying one is that my dog, Stella, is very friendly. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, when I put her in the back of my car, I expect her to stay there. Optimistic, I know. She’s always jumping into the front seat, which is not great when I’m trying to concentrate on my driving. It’s even worse when we’ve been out for a walk and her muddy paw prints get on the car’s seats. They’re far from pristine, but it’s still a pain having to clean them every time we come back from an excursion.

As I understand it, the Travall Dog guard can also play a part in road safety, by stopping loose cargo hitting the driver and passengers if they’re involved in a collision. When I think of all the gear I have to carry in my car, there’s a lot of it I really wouldn’t like hitting me in the back of the head.

I’m far from being a DIY expert, so another advantage of the Travall Guard is that it looks so easy to fit, with no drilling or anything like that. They say it can be installed in around ten minutes, but given my practical skills, I think I’ll be looking at nearer twenty.

So, rather than another set of fluffy dice, yet another set of novelty car mats or another useless cup holder, I could actually see how fitting their dog guard could be a really useful car accessory. I think Stella will like it too.


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