Michael Schumacher Out of Coma – Updates

Michael Schumacher out of comaLast week Michael Schumacher has finally recovered from his 6-months coma and has already been successfully transferred to rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland from Grenoble Hospital’s intensive care unit in France. For quiet a long time all experts thought that Michael didn’t really have a lot of chances to recover, but he did. During the 120 miles trip from France to Switzerland Michael has kept his eyes open most of the time, which according to doctors is a very good sign. However he didn’t talk for all that trip.

Michael Schumacher with his wifeSchumacher, who spent 170 days in the Grenoble hospital, will be under constant medical supervision from now on. His recovery from coma though was hailed the world over. That he was awake during his transfer to a Swiss hospital is being seen as another positive sign although reports suggest he has lost considerable body weight. Some experts believe that Michael will remain an invalid for the rest of his life now, as it is physically impossible to recover from half a year come without any major consequences.

Meanwhile, his wife Corinna┬áis in danger of making herself ill as she worries and cares for her stricken husband and does not rest herself, according to a psychologist. Corina spent almost all her time near Michael’s bed and was stressing a lot, which might cause a lot of mental illnesses now. So she has been advised to have a rest.

We hope that from now on everything will be fine for Michael and his family.


EU Car Sales Increased by 5.5% in January 2014

car accessoriesAccording to ACEA data (The Association of European Car makers) state that car sales increased by 5.5% to 935,640 vehicles, from January 2013. It was the fifth consecutive month of growth, which have been supported by big discounting by manufacturers.

Car sales in Greece increased by 15.4%, Portugal increased by 31.8%, and even Ireland rose by 32.8%. This shows a great sign of economic recovery in EU countries. All the major EU markets posted growth, with the UK and Spain up 7.6%, Germany up 7.2%, Italy up 3.2%, and France edging ahead 0.5%.

Here is the quote from the official document:

In January 2014, demand for new passenger cars in the EU increased for the fifth consecutive
month, with a rise of 5.5% in registrations. However, in absolute figures, the total of 935,640
units registered marked the second lowest result to date for a month of January since ACEA began the series in 2003 with the enlarged EU
In January 2014, most EU markets posted growth, as did all the major ones, from +7.6% in the
UK and Spain, to +7.2% in Germany, +3.2% in Italy and +0.5% in France.UK