Fastest Pothole Fix in London

fastest pothole fix in London It’s not a secret that every day more than half a million car enter central London. That makes any repair works quite difficult, especially when you need to shut down the whole road which makes drivers really angry and annoyed. However potholes tend to annoy drivers just as much, that is why a fast pothole Fix is a must in central London.  Here is a great video from Telegraph that shows that a pothole can be fixed in just under 3 minutes, without any loose of quality.

The full video can be found here.

victoria street pothole fixThe reporters from Telegraph spotted two community officers stop traffic on the busy street near Victoria Station on Friday to give the workmen a brief window to carry out a repair. The whole work has finished in just under 240 seconds and afterwards the traffic was set free again.

It has been stated that Westminster City Council put the fast work down to a new thermal road repair machine. The machine is able to heat up the tarmac in no time. However, a council spokesman confessed, when contacted by the Telegraph, that “even with our new technology in place, fixing a pothole in under five minutes might even be a record for the authority.”


London to Ban Old Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

car exhaustVehicle owners in London could soon be banned from driving in the capital on UK due to a new legislation on old petrol and diesel vehicles. This could potentially cause issues for millions of UK residents, and not just the ones that live in London.  It has been confirmed that diesel engines registered before 2014 and petrols registered before 2005 could be potentially banned from the centre of our capital.

London will take a big leap towards banning older diesel and petrol private owned vehocles from the city centre when the proposed Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). It has been pointed out that a second stakeholder meeting is expected soon and will reinforce a proposal to ban diesel and petrols engine vehicles that don’t meet the European EU6 and EU4 emission standards from the central Congestion Charge Zone.

london to ban diesel and petrol  vehicles“We announced last February the intention to introduce an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in 2020 for central London and we have been working towards that goal since,” says TfL. Tfl also stresses that no decision has been made about the rules that will operate the ULEZ, and that final decision will not be made until later this year.

Will London become an environmental friendly city?There is also a fear among most of people that ULEZ will be implemented far beyond London up to the North and South circular roads. This new legislation will increase the cost of travelling in London for millions of people who don’t comply with EU6 and EU4 standards.

What do you think about the London issue on banning Petrol and diesel cars and vehicles, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


New Nissan NV200 Taxi Cab in London

Nissan NV200 Taxi CabNew Nissan Taxi Cab Had been revealed in London. The new Nissan Taxi Cab is expected to become a replacement for the famous London black cab.  It is expected that the new Taxi Cab will be on road from the end of the year 2014. So we still have a long road to go before seeing those cars on London roads.

The Nissan Taxi for London is based on a van, called the NV200, it was originally presented in August 2012. Nissan officials state that this car was created “to better reflect the iconic nature of the traditional black cab.”

Crucially, the Taxi for London has a 25-foot turning circle, thus adhering to TfL regulations for Hackney Carriages. It is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine, connected to an automatic gearbox. A zero emission electric version is due to be launched in 2015.

Classic London Taxi CabIt was important for Nissan to keep the overall design simple and recognizable, so that people couldn’t easily recognise a taxi cab.

The Taxi for London is one of several such vehicles bring launched around the world. The program also includes versions for New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. Each has sliding rear doors and can carry five passengers, in addition to the driver. The New Nissan NV200 Taxi Cab in London will appear in November-December 2014.

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