Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB

This post is about little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB, find out why this Mercedes model is so popular. Well if it was real of course. So unlike my last post this post on Violet MSB will be optimised, not too much but enough to get myself to rank sky high in the car and automotive world. I’m going to write a few short paragraphs about Mercedes and other brands and their models, so that you could perhaps compare them with Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB.

First of all, why is it Violet? To be fair I don’t know, it’s just a really random colour that I have picked up from the long list of colours, I personally like Violet, even though you don’t really see a lot of Violet cars driving around.

Secondly, why Mercedes Benz? To be fair, Mercedes Benz is my favourite car of all, a like absolutely everything about it, the style, the design, the interior, and that special feel when you sit into Mercedes you know that you are sitting in a proper car.

Thirdly, MSB model, as most of you probably checked MSB model doesn’t really exist, this is something I actually made up because I have a very rich imagination. MSB might become the next model of Mercedes Benz, but who knows.

I truly hope that if model will actually be realised, they will have little violet version for it as well. So then it could be truly called the Little Violet Mercedes Benz MSB. Then all the people will gladly come to my website to read this and many other exciting articles.


Mercedes Hybrid Drives 1,223 Miles on a Single Tank

Mercedes Benz Hybrid  E-ClassA new Mercedes Benz-E Class E300 BlueTec Hybrid drives from Africa to the UK on a single tank of fuel without making any stop for refuelling. British journalis Andew Frankel was lucky enough to drive the Mercedes Benz from Africa to UK.

The challenging journey started in Tangier city which is located in northern Africa. The journey took 27 hours to complete. Along the way Andrew crossed 2 continents, 4 countries and 3 time zones. before arriving at Goodwood in UK for the Festival of Speed 2014.

Mercedes Benz Hybrid trip to UK from AfricaThis Mercedes Benz E300 Bluetec Hybrid has a 2.2 litre turbodiseel engine with a 27hp electric motor. The combinations of two allows the vehicle to be quite rapid as well as being impressively high  0 to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds. The top speed for this vehicle is 150mph. The total distance of 1,223 miles was covered at an average speed of 73.6  miles per hour, which is quite high for a hybrid vehicle on a long distance.


Mercedes Benz HybridFurthermore, Andre arrived at Goodwood with a 100 miles extra capacity showing on this trip computer. So he could have easily covered 1,323. All of this is despite heavy rain, intense heat, traffic jams and dramatic hills along the route.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading though my article, please come back soon for more interesting news materials.