Michael Schumacher Out of Coma – Updates

Michael Schumacher out of comaLast week Michael Schumacher has finally recovered from his 6-months coma and has already been successfully transferred to rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland from Grenoble Hospital’s intensive care unit in France. For quiet a long time all experts thought that Michael didn’t really have a lot of chances to recover, but he did. During the 120 miles trip from France to Switzerland Michael has kept his eyes open most of the time, which according to doctors is a very good sign. However he didn’t talk for all that trip.

Michael Schumacher with his wifeSchumacher, who spent 170 days in the Grenoble hospital, will be under constant medical supervision from now on. His recovery from coma though was hailed the world over. That he was awake during his transfer to a Swiss hospital is being seen as another positive sign although reports suggest he has lost considerable body weight. Some experts believe that Michael will remain an invalid for the rest of his life now, as it is physically impossible to recover from half a year come without any major consequences.

Meanwhile, his wife Corinna is in danger of making herself ill as she worries and cares for her stricken husband and does not rest herself, according to a psychologist. Corina spent almost all her time near Michael’s bed and was stressing a lot, which might cause a lot of mental illnesses now. So she has been advised to have a rest.

We hope that from now on everything will be fine for Michael and his family.


Michael Schumacher Out Of Coma – Latest News

Michael Schumacher out of ComaAccording to news all over the Europe – Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma and already recognises his beloved wife. Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma and recognised his wife, according to reports that are now widely spreading all over the internet.

Broadcaster RT states that Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kem has told local television channel that one of the top racers in the world history was in a complicated process of recovery, Michael was alternating between states of consciousness and sleep as he wakes up from the induced coma. The signs of consciousness are now occurring more frequently. Michael was already able to wake up and even recognised his wife before falling back to sleep.

Kem also said she could not elaborate further for fear of breaching Michael’s privacy, leaving further comment to the hospital where he is currently being cared.

As we all remember Schumacher has been taken to hospital on December 29th after suffering a head injury in a ski accident in the Alps, whilst riding off-piste.  Michael has been in coma for almost 4 months – 95 days to be more exact. Please come back soon next week to find more information about Michael’s status and more updates about his coma information.

Michael Schumacher – Wakening Process Still Continues

Michael Schumacher with his wifeMichael Schumacher – Wakening Up Process Still Continues – says that official sources despite German media claiming that the attempts have been put on halt. Michael’s doctors are continuing efforts to bring him from artificial coma despite the deports from German news magazines. Michael’s manager followed this miss-information by stating that despite the process taking a long time, it was unchanged and still goes according to plan.

Sabine Kehm the manger of Schumacher said that: This phase can take a long time, which, much to our regret can lead to many misinterpretations. His wife Carolina with two children Glina and Mick has remained at this bedsides for more than a month now. It has also been repodted that during last week French investigators close the official issue into his accident closing out any criminal wrongdoing.

There has been a lot of statements from the family and relatives of Michael, most of the express sympathy to all who has supported Michael in this had time:

‘Michael’s family would like to again express their sincere thanks for the continuous sympathy coming from all over the world.

‘The good wishes they receive help the family and we are convinced they also help Michael, who still is in a waking up process.

As often in such situation, no day is like the next.

‘The family is thankful for ones understanding that they would not wish to disclose medical details in order to protect Michael’s privacy.

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Latest Updates on Michael Schumacher

Latest Updates on Michael SchumacherHere is some latest information on  Michael Schumacher condition and health. Now lately there has been a lot of speculation and theories on Michael Schumacher current condition. I just want to point out a few of them and highlight the most reliable sources. If you still didn’t have a chance to find out what happened with Michael Schumacher one month ago you can read it in my previous article.

Anyway, the latest information states that Michael has been given special muscle training to stop his body seizing up as enters his fifth week in hospital coma . Now this is a trustworthy information as it has come from doctors in the hospital. And there is no reasons to believe it is fake.

I have just find out that French newspaper L’Equipe states that medics have begun a special procedure to waken him up from the coma. However, more reliable sources from F1 point that medics want to give his brain more time to recover before taking further actions. Michael Schumacher manager has stated “I insist again on the fact that any statement on the health of Michael Schumacher that does not come from the medical team in charge or his management is just speculation.”

Latest Information on Michael SchumacherAnother source in Germany point that the awakening process is out on hold for a few more days. So it’s quite hard to say if doctors are actually planing such procedure or not.

The one thing that all doctors agree on is the fact that the longer Michael Schumacher will remain in coma the less his chances are to actually get better. Some doctors have already stated that the best case scenario for Michael Schumacher now is a long neurological rehabilitation recovery.

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What Happened With Michael Schumacher?

Michael Schumacher Skiing accidentIf you are looking for all the in-depth information on Michael Schumacher skiing accident all in one place – you will find it in this post. Michael Schumacher has won 7 World Championships during his racing career. Michael Schumacher is known as the most popular racer ever preforming on this planet.

Michael-Schumacher-skiing-pathOn 29th of December 2013 Michal Schumacher had an accident while skiing off-piste in Alps (Meribel, France). This accident site was only meant for really good skiers and wasn’t made for general public. It has been pointed out that Schumacher felt whilst trying to help his friend. At the moment the 7x World Champion remains in an artificially-induced coma in hospital. He is in a critical but stable condition and it is believed that his life was saved by his skiing helmet, which split on impact.

The following message was posted on Michael Schumacher’s website “Following Michael’s skiing accident, we would like to thank the people from all around the world who have expressed their sympathy and sent their best wishes for his recovery. They are giving us great support”.



After the accident, which happened while Schumacher was skiing with his family, rescuers were on hand within minutes. The driver, who turns 45 on Friday, was initially conscious before deteriorating into a critical condition. He was airlifted to Grenoble hospital, where neurosurgeons have operated twice to remove blood clots on the brain and reduce swelling. So today Michael turns 45-years-old whilst being in coma. People all over the world are sending best wishes to Michael and his family and hope that he will recover soon.

Michael Schumacher skiing with helmetDoctors have said the impact caused numerous brain injuries including intracranial hematomas (multiple blood clots), bilateral lesions and bruising of the brain. An initial operation carried out on Sunday to reduce swelling was followed by a second to remove the largest of a number of clots in his brain. Jacqueline Hubert, the Grenoble hospital’s director general, said on Tuesday that his condition had started to improve.

Schumacher retired from F1 for the final time in 2012 after a three-season comeback with Mercedes. Schumacher, who also raced for Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari, won the last of his world titles in 2004. He won two with Benetton in 1994 and 1995 before moving to Ferrari and winning five in a row from 2000. The German has 91 career wins.

Get well Michael Schumacher and Happy Birthday!