What Are the Top Selling Dog Guards in UK

Car AccessoriesWelcome to my last post in April 2014. This time I will be talking about the top selling dog guards in United Kingdom. I will go through all the most popular model specific dog guards. So if you are looking for popular dog guards this is the right post for you to read. Alternatively, if you are looking for a place to buy dog guards, check out travall.co.uk So here goes:

ford dog guard1. Ford dog guard
pet barriers for Ford tend to be the most popular in UK. Among all else thousands of those are sold every single month. This is not really a surprise as Ford is the top selling model in UK for several years straight now.

land rover dog guard2. Land Rover dog guard
Land Rover is a British manufacturer brand fro Jaguar Land Rover, this company specialises in producing SUV’s and 4WD vehicles. As you can imagine SUV’s are generally quite poppular for transporting stuff and getting involved into adventures, that is why dog guard is almost a must for any Land Rover.

vw dog guard3. Volkswagen dog guard
VW guards rank third for dog guards bought in UK. Volkswagen produce a lot of cars with a spacey boot, a perfect place to travel with your dog. That’s why a lot of VW owners want to keep their dog safe.

bmw dog guard4. BMW dog guard
Despite the opinion that BMW drivers tend to be more agressive then others and care less about safety – BMW owners rank 4th on our list. So when it comes to protecting a pet, BMW owners can’t care more.

Audi dog guard5. Audi dog guard
Another German representative on our top 5 list is Audi. Audi drivers are into fancy and comfortable drive, they want to have everything under their control, even their boot space. That’s why a lot of Audi driver buy a dog guard.

I hope you have enjoyed reading though my top 5 selling dog guards in UK. Please come back soon for more news and exciting information.


Volkswagen Dog Guards Review

Welcome to my special post abut dog guards. This week are are going to talk about different dog guards for Volkswagen cars. My review is based purely on my opinion and I’m opinion and some reviews that I found on the internet. I’m not trying to push any brand on particular Volkswagen cargo barrier further. But I guess that’s for you to decide. The pet barriers discussed in this review and comparison will for the following models: Beetle, Bora, Caddy, Crafter, Eos, Fox, Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Lupo, Passa,t Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, , well here goes:

saunders dog guard for VWSaunders
Saunders have a very interesting range of Volkswagen dog guards. They are quite affordable on price, sell both through ebay and their website. Saunders have 2 types of pet barriers Tubular and mixed Wiremesh/Tubular. Please keep in mind that the last time I checked Saunders didn’t have a dog guard for all models of VW.


travall vw dog guardTravall
Travall have the widest range of dog guards for VW. Even Volkswagen themselves don’t provide such a variety. Travall dog guards are slightly more expensive than Saunders, but that’s because they are pure Wiremesh type. Which means that you won’t be dissapointed in terms of quality. Travall dog guards are sold though amazon, ebay, home website, and variety of partners.

vw oem dog guardOEM Partition grilles
It’s quite wierd that VW call dog guards as Partition Grilles, furthemore the website itself says PaRTion grilles. So I’m not sure if that was a type or they did it on purpose. The OEM dog guards are quite expensive as the price vary from £150 to £300. But if you like the original parts and accessories then you can’t go wrong.


barjo vw dog guardBarjo
Barjo have quite a narrow range of Volkswagen pet guards but they definitely stand for quality. Just like Travall they provide a high security and safety for your pets with a Wiremesh type of dog barrier. You can find plenty of those sold on gumtree, ebay and amazon. The price range may vary between £80 and £200 depending on a particular Volkswagen model.


Please come back soon for more information on model specific dog guards, as within the next week I will be posting information about dog guards for Ford, Audi and Bmw, so please stay tuned. And as always your comments and feedback are much appreciated.  If you want to find out a little bit more about dog guards you visit our dog guards review page for additional info.

How do you call a thing that goes in the back of your car?

dog guardLately on the internet I found a lot of questions like how is the device called that goes in the back of your car, or how is the device called that separates the boot of your car. Or even how do you call a device that keeps your dog or pet safe in the boot of your car.

It’s quite an interesting topic because generally speaking this device is called a dog guard, but many people call it differently depending on their associations and country of residents.  So here is the full list of how people generally call the same kind of device.  Here is a list for your for most common names for a device that separates the boot of your car from the rest of the car:

dog guardDog Guard – Dog guard is a term mostly used in UK. Possible variations of this keyphrases are: pet guard and dog guards. Dog guard is a device that will keep you pet safe and secure in the boot of your car. You can find more information about this device variety at our dog guards page.

Pet Barrier – Pet barrier is term mostly used in USA. Possible variations of this keyphrase is dog barrier. Pet barrier has the same kind of purpose as dog guard.

dog guard with a dogCargo barrier – Now this is an interesting term because it looks pretty much like the the standard dog guard but has a different purpose. It is designed to keep your cargo in the boot. And usually is much more solid peace of equipment. Generally speaking a cargo barrier (wiki link) can be used for dogs, pets and animals, but dog guards and pet barriers are not designed to hold your cargo in place, especially during an accident.

So hopefully this will help you a  little bit more with your research. If you are looking for a really high quality dog guard you will find a wide range of vehicle specific ones at Travall. Thank you for reading this article, please don’t forget to leave your comments. 🙂