Top 5 Best SUVs and 4×4 Vehicles

Let’s look at the top 5 top and best SUV’s and 4×4 cars in UK. In this article we will look at the best Sport Utility vehicles that are considered as the most reliable from customers. So if you are looking forward to buy an SUV or any other 4×4 please take a few moments to read through this article.

Audi Q3 best SUV1. Audi Q3
According to reliability index, Audi Q3 MkI is the most reliable SUV from all, with a total index of 96.83. This is a dependable choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable vehicle and an SUV to drive.  It certainly beats it main rival the BMW X1, which unfortunately didn’t make it in the top-10 list for reliability – and that will be an important factor for those looking to buy one of these premium SUV’s. The price for this Audi Q3  models starts at £23,875, which is quite average for the rest of our cars as well.

Peugeot 2008 best SUV 2. Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 2008 got a 96.47 reliability index from owners. This is a new Peugot model, so the truth behind it’s being a good vehicle or not is still yet to come. Anyway, it’s a very desirable car and is a great choice if you are a Peugeot fan. The price for this SUV starts at £12,995.


skoda yeti 4x43. Skoda Yeti
Skoda Yeti is yet another popular and reliable SUV that ranks on position 3 on our list. It has also been listed as one of the top 150 cars for three years straight. The Yeti came in 8th place out of all the cars on sale for reliably, making it the third-best SUV. The price for this models starts at only £16,310.00.


Renault Captur best SUV4. Renault Captur
Another French brand on our top 5 list, this time it’s Renault Captur. This is a new crossover which is beased on the previois Clo model with far better look, and driver friendly interior. This is fairly a new model so we can’t really say if it will be reliable on long-term scale. The pricing for this model starts at £14,195.


honda crv - best SUV5. Honda CR-V Mk3
Closing our top 5 best SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles is the ultimate Honda CR-V Mk3 model, that gained a 94.83 reliability score in 2014.  Honda has a strong reputation for reliability and the CR-V making this list will be no surprise to many.  The price for this model starts at £22,000.

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