UK Car Manufacturing Increased by 21.3%

uk car manufacturig increasedUK Car manufacturing has significantly increased in April 2014 with a number of cars made across the up by more than 1/5. A total number of 133,437 cars were built across the United Kingdom factories in last month. This stands for a 21.3 increase in compare with the same month last year. This also stands for the biggest month increase since July 2012, according to

As stated by Mike Hawes  the CEO of SMMT – UK factories were beginning to feel the benefit of new models rolling of the production line as well as recovering demand in Europe. This is most likely caused by an increase of car sales across UK as well. We have pointed this out in one of our previous articles. You will be able to find it somewhere around the blog.

“The thriving nature of the UK car manufacturing industry was evident in April as output grew at its highest rate for almost two years. New model introductions are fuelling growth, while Europe – which currently accounts for around half of exports – is now seeing an upturn in demand.

“As investments continue to be realised, we expect further rises in the coming months; good news for the thousands of suppliers and employees across the country that rely on this industry.”

The increase of car manufacturing and car sales has also resulted in an increase of car accessories sold across the UK. You can find a variety of car accessories for UK market on this website.

It’s interesting that almost 80% of the cars made in UK last month were actually build for export. It has also been pointed out that the first four months of 2014, British factories built 538,240 cars, a 6.9% increase compared with the same period last year.

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Fastest Pothole Fix in London

fastest pothole fix in London It’s not a secret that every day more than half a million car enter central London. That makes any repair works quite difficult, especially when you need to shut down the whole road which makes drivers really angry and annoyed. However potholes tend to annoy drivers just as much, that is why a fast pothole Fix is a must in central London.  Here is a great video from Telegraph that shows that a pothole can be fixed in just under 3 minutes, without any loose of quality.

The full video can be found here.

victoria street pothole fixThe reporters from Telegraph spotted two community officers stop traffic on the busy street near Victoria Station on Friday to give the workmen a brief window to carry out a repair. The whole work has finished in just under 240 seconds and afterwards the traffic was set free again.

It has been stated that Westminster City Council put the fast work down to a new thermal road repair machine. The machine is able to heat up the tarmac in no time. However, a council spokesman confessed, when contacted by the Telegraph, that “even with our new technology in place, fixing a pothole in under five minutes might even be a record for the authority.”

What Are the Top Selling Dog Guards in UK

Car AccessoriesWelcome to my last post in April 2014. This time I will be talking about the top selling dog guards in United Kingdom. I will go through all the most popular model specific dog guards. So if you are looking for popular dog guards this is the right post for you to read. Alternatively, if you are looking for a place to buy dog guards, check out So here goes:

ford dog guard1. Ford dog guard
pet barriers for Ford tend to be the most popular in UK. Among all else thousands of those are sold every single month. This is not really a surprise as Ford is the top selling model in UK for several years straight now.

land rover dog guard2. Land Rover dog guard
Land Rover is a British manufacturer brand fro Jaguar Land Rover, this company specialises in producing SUV’s and 4WD vehicles. As you can imagine SUV’s are generally quite poppular for transporting stuff and getting involved into adventures, that is why dog guard is almost a must for any Land Rover.

vw dog guard3. Volkswagen dog guard
VW guards rank third for dog guards bought in UK. Volkswagen produce a lot of cars with a spacey boot, a perfect place to travel with your dog. That’s why a lot of VW owners want to keep their dog safe.

bmw dog guard4. BMW dog guard
Despite the opinion that BMW drivers tend to be more agressive then others and care less about safety – BMW owners rank 4th on our list. So when it comes to protecting a pet, BMW owners can’t care more.

Audi dog guard5. Audi dog guard
Another German representative on our top 5 list is Audi. Audi drivers are into fancy and comfortable drive, they want to have everything under their control, even their boot space. That’s why a lot of Audi driver buy a dog guard.

I hope you have enjoyed reading though my top 5 selling dog guards in UK. Please come back soon for more news and exciting information.

Top 10 Most Hated Driving Habits in UK

Car AccessoriesThis week I want to speak about the most annoying driving habits that annoy most of the drivers in UK. I will look at the top 10 most hated driving habits and explain why people don’t really like them. Although if you are driving at least for a year you should know better 🙂 .

10. Red lights jumpers – People who are passing on red lights is the firs one on our irritating driving habits.

slow at traffic lights9. Slow at traffic lights – when you see a green light, you expect a car in front of you to drive straight away. It all comes down to patience doesn’t it? 🙂

8. Hesitant Driving – this usually referees to young or unexpended drivers that don’t have enough driving skills.

7. Undertaking – Undertaking or overtaking on the inside  refers to the practice of overtaking a slower vehicle on a road using the lane that is kerb side of the vehicle being passed; that is to say, a lane to the left of the vehicle in countries where driving is on the left, or a lane to the right of the vehicle in countries where driving is on the right.

6. Braking – last minute braking can cause a collision, especially on traffic light. This point is closely related to Tailgating as well.

5. Hog in the middle – please note that the middle lane or the third lane shouldn’t be used for driving.

Dangerous overtaking4. Dangerous overtaking – a very close overtaking of another car is not only annoying but also dangerous, especially when travelling at a fast speed.

3. Failing to indicate – drivers that don’t indicate their manurers irritate 32% of drivers.

2. Tailgating – this habit annoys 42% of drivers on the roads.  So if you don’t want to annoy drivers to much please keep the distance between the car in front of you at the reasonable level.

1mobile-phone-driving. Mobile Phone use – This is considered as the most hated driving habit for UK drivers, it annoys 47% of British drivers. Furthemore using mobile phone whilst driving is against the law. It might be why this is the reason why it annoys so many drivers. I personally don’t see how this can be annoying, as it doesn’t affect me in any way (or any other drivers).

Roger Griggs of Kwik Fit, said: ‘These driving habits are not just annoying, they are dangerous and some of them are against the law. You are four times more likely to have an accident if you use a mobile phone while driving. With on-the-spot fines for motorists who hog the middle lane, tailgate or cut up other vehicles, it highlights how serious these anti-social driving behaviours are being taken.’

Hope you have enjoyed reading though the top 10 most hated driving habits in UK. What are your hated driving habits, are there any that are still not on the list? Please let me know in the comments section. And please come back son for more exciting news about cars and car accessories.

Audi’s Record – Mercedes New Model – UK Car Sales

The car sales in March has reached the highest point in the past 10 yearsThe car sales in March has reached the highest point in the past 10 years.

This is the official statement from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. In March 2014 there were 464,824 (almost half a million) new car registered, which is 17.7% higher than for the previous year. It’s important to point out that March generally is the most busiest month of the year for car sales. March brings almost 1/5 of all car sales per year. Mike Hawes, SMMT CEO, said the “surprisingly strong level of growth in sales was a reflection of intensifying consumer confidence.” Let us hope the trend will continue.

Audi Sales New RecordAudi has achieved a new sales record.

Following the UK sales success German car maker Audi has reached a new record selling more than 400,000 cars in the first quarter of 2014. This was most likely caused by a massive Audi’s success in China market.  But that’s not all, Audi has now showing a steady Sales grown over the last 51 consecutive months. Among the markets recording the biggest increases in volume were China, which saw an increase of 21.1 per cent, Germany, which was up by 12.4 per cent, and the UK, up 11.3 per cent.

Mercedes SL400Mercedes adds a new SL400 model to it’s range.

It has been announced that the Mercedes-Benz SL350 has been officially replaced with a more powerful version of this model – the new SL400. This will straighten up the current SL line-up.The SL400 is powered by Mercedes-Benz’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 direct injection petrol engine, unveiled in the new E400 early last year. With 328bhp and 354lb ft of torque, it delivers 26bhp and 81lb more than the naturally aspirated 3.5-litre V6 direct-injection petrol unit used by the SL350.

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Electric Cars Have to Make More Noise

electric cars will have to make more noiseAccording to the new legislation of European Parliament all electric cars have to generate more noise in order to become safer for all pedestrians, this particularity applies to cars with a low visual recognition.

MEPs commission has agreed that in the nearest future all electric vehicles must be fitted with special devices to make them “sound similar” to cars with combustion engines. This will help pedestrians to recognise a similar car sound and avoid potential road accident. This move has been welcomed and approved by most campaigners.

It’s interesting that MEPs have also voted on a special act to increase the noise emission standard. Which means that all cars, vans, buses and lories will actually have to generate less sound for noise reduction “pollution” purposes.

sound pollutionThis law is currently on the finalisation stage and is about to be stamped by the European Council. Under the revised rules, new models of electric and hybrid vehicles will have to make a noise by 2019 and all new electric and hybrid cars must be audible by 2021.

This particular legislation has been welcomed by the UK charity Guide Dogs for the Blind – which campaigned for the change. It’s not a secret that blind people rely on sounds more than anyone else.

However, with the number of quiet cars increasing all the time, it said the 2021 deadline was too late and this legislation should take place sooner.

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Dacia Will Launch a £5,000 Car

dacia new car for 5,000 poundsDacia car has become confirmed as the fastest-growing car brand in United Kingdom – but Dacia will go even further by releasing its cheapest model ever.

The price range for new Sandero starts at £6k (£5,995 to be exact) , however the new Dacia will kick off a only £5,000.

It raises quite a lot of question on how can a brand new car cost the same as 10-year-old used Volkswagen golf. It has been confirmed that Dacia will use an existing platform of the outgoing Renault Twingo. You definitely can sport the similarities in the exterior shape and form between the two.

Brand development director Rafel Treguer has always said Dacia will consider moving into any class of the market if there’s sufficient volume. And there’s clearly a solid case to be made for low-cost models, if you look at the forthcoming Suzuki Celerio city car and the sub-£7,000 model Vauxhall is planning as an Agila replacement. So we sill a big customer niche for low cost vehicles that will be bombarded with brand new cheap models.

dacia-sanderoThere is no doubt that Dacia be bee keeping to costs down to offer a cheap vehicle. To achieve that Dacia will be using  alliance partnership factories, for example the Lada’s factory in Russia. Not only does this have spare capacity, but it will allow Dacia to produce cars at the lowest cost possible.

The new Dacia model will arrive next year (in 2015). Dacia is the UK’s fastest-growing car brand ever, going from a zero per cent market share to 1.4 per cent in only 10 months. Ken Ramirez, managing director of Renault and Dacia UK, told us a significant proportion of Dacia buyers are coming from the used car market.

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Top Selling Cars in UK for February 2014

car accessoriesGreat news everyone, there was a 3% car sales increase in February 2014 compared with February 2013 – a total amount of 67,736 cars where sold.  And that’s not all, the information from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that UK car market has been showing grown patterns for 24 months in a row.

It’s interesting that the total amount of sales for the first 2 months of 2014 were 6.1 percent higher than the same period one year ago. The CEO of SMMT has stated that the sales highlight the attractiveness of the new car market as well as increasing consumer confidence. He also stated that “while February is typically a quieter month ahead of the March registration plate change, we expect the arrival of the new 14-plate and increasing economic confidence to maintain a steady rate of growth.”

Top Selling Cars in UK for February 2014:

  1. Ford Fiesta (4,415 sales)
  2. Vauxhall Corsa (3,138)
  3. Vauxhall Astra (2,707)
  4. Ford Focus (2,506)
  5. VW Golf (1,628)
  6. VW Polo (1,450)
  7. Mercedes C-Class (1,231)
  8. Vauxhall Insignia (1,164)
  9. Audi A3 (1,148)
  10. BMW 3 Series (1,085)

The best-selling car in the month was the Ford Fiesta with 4,415 sales, followed by Vauxhall’s Corsa and Astra models with 3,138 and 2,707 sales respectively. The Ford Focus saw 2,566 sales followed by the Volkswagen 1,628 sales.

In January, the SMMT said car production hit a six-year high in 2013 with 1.5 million new cars rolling off production lines, a rise of 3.1% on a year earlier.

It is interesting to point out that last year, the UK overtook France to become Europe’s second-largest car market behind Germany, which saw 2.95 million new car sales. So UK still has a lot of things to improve before overtaking Germany car sales.

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Jack Russell Survives a Trip in Car Engine

Jack Russell Survives a Trip in Car EngineSome interesting news from Salford this morning: Jack Russell Survived a Trip in Car Engine whilst being stuck there for 12 miles. BBC has reported that a three months old Jack Russell puppy – Betty Boop has climbed up the engine of the neighbours car from beneath the vehicle and stuck there. After that she had a 12 miles trip at a speed up to 50mph.

It’s really a miracle that Betty hasn’t received any injuries during this trip. As is now returned to the owners. Know this is a really great story which you unfortunately don’t find a lot in UK. But let just hope that the amount of good news we hear from BBC will increase over time 🙂

The miracle video of how Jack Russell Survived a trip in car engine can be found here:

London to Ban Old Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

car exhaustVehicle owners in London could soon be banned from driving in the capital on UK due to a new legislation on old petrol and diesel vehicles. This could potentially cause issues for millions of UK residents, and not just the ones that live in London.  It has been confirmed that diesel engines registered before 2014 and petrols registered before 2005 could be potentially banned from the centre of our capital.

London will take a big leap towards banning older diesel and petrol private owned vehocles from the city centre when the proposed Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). It has been pointed out that a second stakeholder meeting is expected soon and will reinforce a proposal to ban diesel and petrols engine vehicles that don’t meet the European EU6 and EU4 emission standards from the central Congestion Charge Zone.

london to ban diesel and petrol  vehicles“We announced last February the intention to introduce an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in 2020 for central London and we have been working towards that goal since,” says TfL. Tfl also stresses that no decision has been made about the rules that will operate the ULEZ, and that final decision will not be made until later this year.

Will London become an environmental friendly city?There is also a fear among most of people that ULEZ will be implemented far beyond London up to the North and South circular roads. This new legislation will increase the cost of travelling in London for millions of people who don’t comply with EU6 and EU4 standards.

What do you think about the London issue on banning Petrol and diesel cars and vehicles, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section!