Dacia Will Launch a £5,000 Car

dacia new car for 5,000 poundsDacia car has become confirmed as the fastest-growing car brand in United Kingdom – but Dacia will go even further by releasing its cheapest model ever.

The price range for new Sandero starts at £6k (£5,995 to be exact) , however the new Dacia will kick off a only £5,000.

It raises quite a lot of question on how can a brand new car cost the same as 10-year-old used Volkswagen golf. It has been confirmed that Dacia will use an existing platform of the outgoing Renault Twingo. You definitely can sport the similarities in the exterior shape and form between the two.

Brand development director Rafel Treguer has always said Dacia will consider moving into any class of the market if there’s sufficient volume. And there’s clearly a solid case to be made for low-cost models, if you look at the forthcoming Suzuki Celerio city car and the sub-£7,000 model Vauxhall is planning as an Agila replacement. So we sill a big customer niche for low cost vehicles that will be bombarded with brand new cheap models.

dacia-sanderoThere is no doubt that Dacia be bee keeping to costs down to offer a cheap vehicle. To achieve that Dacia will be using  alliance partnership factories, for example the Lada’s factory in Russia. Not only does this have spare capacity, but it will allow Dacia to produce cars at the lowest cost possible.

The new Dacia model will arrive next year (in 2015). Dacia is the UK’s fastest-growing car brand ever, going from a zero per cent market share to 1.4 per cent in only 10 months. Ken Ramirez, managing director of Renault and Dacia UK, told us a significant proportion of Dacia buyers are coming from the used car market.

Please come back soon on more legitimate news on Dacia UK market. Don’t forget to visit other sections of our websites to find some valuable information on various car accessories.


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