Top 10 Most Hated Driving Habits in UK

Car AccessoriesThis week I want to speak about the most annoying driving habits that annoy most of the drivers in UK. I will look at the top 10 most hated driving habits and explain why people don’t really like them. Although if you are driving at least for a year you should know better 🙂 .

10. Red lights jumpers – People who are passing on red lights is the firs one on our irritating driving habits.

slow at traffic lights9. Slow at traffic lights – when you see a green light, you expect a car in front of you to drive straight away. It all comes down to patience doesn’t it? 🙂

8. Hesitant Driving – this usually referees to young or unexpended drivers that don’t have enough driving skills.

7. Undertaking – Undertaking or overtaking on the inside  refers to the practice of overtaking a slower vehicle on a road using the lane that is kerb side of the vehicle being passed; that is to say, a lane to the left of the vehicle in countries where driving is on the left, or a lane to the right of the vehicle in countries where driving is on the right.

6. Braking – last minute braking can cause a collision, especially on traffic light. This point is closely related to Tailgating as well.

5. Hog in the middle – please note that the middle lane or the third lane shouldn’t be used for driving.

Dangerous overtaking4. Dangerous overtaking – a very close overtaking of another car is not only annoying but also dangerous, especially when travelling at a fast speed.

3. Failing to indicate – drivers that don’t indicate their manurers irritate 32% of drivers.

2. Tailgating – this habit annoys 42% of drivers on the roads.  So if you don’t want to annoy drivers to much please keep the distance between the car in front of you at the reasonable level.

1mobile-phone-driving. Mobile Phone use – This is considered as the most hated driving habit for UK drivers, it annoys 47% of British drivers. Furthemore using mobile phone whilst driving is against the law. It might be why this is the reason why it annoys so many drivers. I personally don’t see how this can be annoying, as it doesn’t affect me in any way (or any other drivers).

Roger Griggs of Kwik Fit, said: ‘These driving habits are not just annoying, they are dangerous and some of them are against the law. You are four times more likely to have an accident if you use a mobile phone while driving. With on-the-spot fines for motorists who hog the middle lane, tailgate or cut up other vehicles, it highlights how serious these anti-social driving behaviours are being taken.’

Hope you have enjoyed reading though the top 10 most hated driving habits in UK. What are your hated driving habits, are there any that are still not on the list? Please let me know in the comments section. And please come back son for more exciting news about cars and car accessories.

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